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About us

WeJoin Solutions is a joint-venture between, number 1 e-retailer from China, and Central group, number 1 retailer in Thailand who own many shopping malls and the largest hotel chain in Thailand. Owing to the supports from and Central group, JD Central has been growing instantaneously during the past 3 years and becomes on par with our competitors in a short period of time. 

About us
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Your best solution

We bear in mind that your success is our success. and so your outcome is our big step toward the future

We are platform provider and one-stop enabler in Thailand. We can help you reach more customers through our platform and create more presence in Thailand with our services. Target Thailand today

Branding & Strategy.

We have a brand strategist team with a strong understanding in Thai market that could help you cultivate a strong brand according to Thai audience preference.

Digital Solutions.

Our services

Customer Service.

A solution to turn every customer interaction into a potential sales opportunity. We provide qualified manpower, time, and advanced quality system that will ensure answer rates and customer experience for ecommerce sellers.

Store Operations.

With 75 years of experience in retail business of Central group, we have an in-depth understanding in Thai consumers behavior leading to a strong operations capability.

Marketing effort on social media platform is unavoidable when entering Thai market. We're also providing media design service to support seller in raising brand awareness.

Media Solutions.

We introduce you to A5 Studio, our creative crew plus innovative facilities. We provide a digital media solution to create visuals which tie nicely with your brand and speak right to your customers.

Market Research.

Gathering information from the market and analyze customer insights will lay the groundwork for your plan and offer valuable support information for your decision-making.


Our Customers

Our customers come from all around the world with local and aboard clients which gave us the opportunities to expand the business


Latest News.

Stay up to date with our latest insight news from Thai experts 


Meet our team.

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"Life style affects consumer behavior, and consumer behavior affects online shopping categories. Thinking about the global layout from a macro perspective in the post-epidemic era will be the necessary deacon network for Taiwanese cross-border Thai brands"

Li Jingjin, Head of Brand Solution

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